About Us

Sun Leader Inc, known as sunleaderwholesale.com, is a wholesale sunglasses distributor in Los Angeles, California.

Founded in 1985, Sun Leader, Inc. is a wholesale sunglasses distributor headquartered in Downtown Los Angeles, CA. With almost 30 years of wholesale bulk sunglasses worldwide distribution, we as a wholesale sunglasses distributor are driven by our primary goal, which is to combine high quality, trendy, and fashionable yet affordable wholesale sunglasses to the masses. With almost 30 years in the sunglasses industry, SunLeaderWholeSale.com has risen to become one of the leading wholesale sunglasses distributors in California.

Our selection of wholesale bulk sunglasses stands out against our competition because of the excellent quality of our eye wear products. Our knowledge and expertise as a wholesale sunglasses distributor is reflected in our low defective rates as compared to our competitors. Retailers and other wholesale shades lovers continually do business with us because, as a wholesale sunglasses distributor, we offer superior customer service as well as a large, if not the largest, selection of wholesale sunglasses in Los Angeles. Additionally, customers are satisfied with how we conduct business because we are a reputable wholesale sunglasses distributor.

Being a wholesale sunglasses distributor, our business to business partners are businesses who sell sunglasses in trade shows, street fairs, swap meets, convenient stores, eBay, Amazon, and other online retail stores. We also make sure that retailers who become our partners come back for more which is why we offer wholesale sunglasses that are competitively priced. Because we are a wholesale sunglasses distributor, we stock wholesale sunglasses in large volumes, acquiring them at discounted prices which we then pass on to our customers. This makes our partnership with our customers mutually beneficial, officially sealing our company as a trustworthy wholesale sunglasses distributor.

While other sunglasses wholesalers limit their products to adult men and women, we are a different breed of wholesale sunglasses distributor. Everyone from kids to men and women will love the wholesale sunglasses that we have in our inventory. All of our wholesale sunglasses are also trademarked so customers are guaranteed of the authenticity of the products we sell as a wholesale sunglasses distributor. Only authorized resellers who work with us can distribute the sunglasses we carry, and being a wholesale sunglasses distributor, we carry many brands, including V, Unicorn, Eagle, and more.

As a premier wholesale sunglasses distributor, we offer quality sunglasses that are shipped out as soon as orders are confirmed. No need to wait a long time for orders to be delivered at your doorstep. Our collection of wholesale bulk sunglasses are regularly updated so expect to have the hottest and trendiest styles when it comes to eye wear products only, of course, from the leading wholesale sunglasses distributor. To give customers the best shopping experience, we guarantee a hassle-free transaction each time you purchase wholesale sunglasses from us.

Rather than being price-driven, SunLeaderWholeSale.com prefers to be known as a wholesale sunglasses distributor who offers high quality sunglasses for the best prices. We make sure that customers will get the best value for their money. Wholesale sunglasses in Los Angeles are a huge business, and we continually strive to be the one-stop shop sunglasses wholesaler for all of your sunglasses needs. Our main goal is to help you make money by selling sunglasses. When you profit, we win! SunLeaderWholeSale.com, a wholesale sunglasses distributor, synonymous with quality wholesale bulk sunglasses.